Day 7 Single Saturdays: Marc Dupré & Stella Dupré- Noël Ensemble

Canadian and Quebecois singer Marc Dupré and his daughter Stella have a new Christmas single entitled Noël Ensemble (Christmas together). The song is about celebrating Christmas with loved ones and the joys that go with it.

The music is Holiday and French Pop. Marc Dupré and Fred St-Gelais composed the song beautifully. They’re also the musicians involved in this tune, including the guitar. In the video, Dupré’s daughter plays the guitar with her father. The sound is light and smooth, even airy and calming. When I hear the music, I feel relaxed listening to it.  

Marc Dupré and his daughter, Stella’s voices, are soft and sweet. They sound incredible together and sing in sync with one another. Marc Dupré sings in a deep voice in lovely contrast with Stella, who sings with a higher register. Their vocal styles compliment each other well.

The lyrics are sweet and hopeful. Amélie Larocque wrote the sing with remarkable freestyle poetry. Each paragraph is two or three lines that work well with the song’s vibe of quality time with family. The words are simplistic but express love and hope for the holiday season, mostly when 2020 was a trying for many. It also celebrates the time of joy during the Christmas season. 

The single Noël Ensemble is available. 

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