Day 7 Single Saturdays: Sally Folk – La Nuit De Noël

Canadian and Quebecois singer Sally Folk has released a new Christmas single La Nuit De Noël (The Christmas Night). The song is about a Christmas night where the subject is spending Christmas with her significant other. She also wishes that Christmas will be snowy and festive. There’s also a lovely homage to the tune Mr. Sandman.

The music is Holiday/French Pop. The sleigh bells add a festive touch to the wavy pace that reflects the subject’s mood of disappointment. The composition is an homage to Mr. Sandman between verses and the chorus-it also adds a nostalgic component to the song. The beat is catchy and edgy. This tune is a bold contrast to the common celebratory topics of Christmas. 

Sally Folk’s voice is incredible and rhythmic. She expresses the sentiment of many whose Christmases may not be going the way they had hoped, in a humorous way. She cleverly refers to another song of hers, Les Amourettes (the mini loves).

The lyrics are romantic and genuine, expressing both the joys of Christmas with a significant other and the disappointment of not gathering with family in person because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The song is relatable and from the heart. The words are flowy and rhyme in a freestyle fashion. The verses describe the paradoxes of the holiday where we may complain about the crowded parties, but then this year with COVID, there are no gatherings, and we miss it all. The paragraphs may be short, but say a lot – a little goes a long way. 

The single La Nuit De Noël is available.

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