Day 7 Single Saturdays: Étienne Drapeau – Ma blonde trippe sur Noël

Canadian and Quebecois singer Étienne Drapeau has a new Christmas single entitled Ma Blonde Trippe Sur Noël (My girlfriend/wife gets excited for Christmas). The story is straightforward as it talks about a man’s significant other getting very excited for Christmas this year. 

The music is Holiday and French Pop. The beat is catchy and cheerful. The guitar and the sleigh bells in the background add a cozy feel to this song nicely. The rhythm gradually changing getting into the chorus or in a versus is impressive. The music is incredible, that I feel like dancing, and I imagine listeners hearing it will feel the same way. Étienne Drapeau did an excellent job composing such a happy song.

Étienne Drapeau’s voice is soft and upbeat. He sings with an incredible rhythm and style. He sounds happy and genuine in his singing, expressing his personal story of his significant other’s excitement for Christmas.

The lyrics are simplistic and romantic. The song is a personal one as Étienne Drapeau talks about his girlfriend’s love or “obsession” with Christmas, which he mentioned in a recent interview. It’s a sweet love song that is from the heart and soulful. The simplicity of the tune is what gives that holiday charm. 

The single Ma Blonde Trippe Sur Noël is available.

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