Single Saturdays: Kelly Clarkson – All I Want For Christmas is You

Kelly Clarkson has released another Christmas single entitled All I Want for Christmas. It’s a cover of a love song by Vince Vance and the Valiants, about a woman who misses her love.

The music is Pop and Holiday. The song has a faster pace than the original version with a contemporary sound. It starts with a sound similar to a church organ to slow tempo, then increases gradually. The composition is beautiful and rhythmic—the mix of The drums, the tuba, and the saxophone complement the song’s jazzy vibe. Also, there are parts where the guitar adds a rhythmic touch to this fantastic musical mix of instruments. The Christmas bells add a lovely touch to the rhythm. 

Kelly Clarkson’s voice is soft and soulful. She hits the high notes as well as the deep notes in a wavy rhythm. Her vocal range is magnificent – she sounds bold and expressive in her cover of Vince Vance and the Valiants’ classic hit. There’s a relatable feeling in Clarkson’s voice in which one can sense she misses her significant other. She ends the song with a lovely fade away in the end. She profoundly captures the mood of the tune.  

The single All I Want for Christmas is available.

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