Editorial: The Disney Holiday Singalong

November 30, 2020, The Disney Holiday Singalong aired on TV, hosted by Ryan Seacrest. He did a good job hosting the event and gave it a cozy feel to them. There were fantastic performances by many talented artists.

Because of the pandemic, the singers and bands couldn’t gather together in person. However, the artists got creative singing Christmas and Disney classics with their families or costars, including hits by the film Frozen

The singalong started with Michael Bublé performing the song It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, with his familyThe performances continue with more cheer and fun. A moment I especially enjoyed was watching Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog in their segment of the show. They brought a humorous touch to it. The sibling rivalry between Julianne and Derek Hough was entertaining and cute. Here a few videos of the Disney Singalong from ABC’s Youtube channel below.  Hearing BTS and Andrea Bocelli perform on this special was a bonus in making it memorable. Disney cartoons and their characters are timeless and bring people together.

I hope you also enjoyed this show.

Happy Holidays!

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