Beyries’ New Album Encounter

Canadian singer Beyries has released a new album entitled Encounter. The themes are love and short stories.

The music is Contemporary Folk and Singer/Songwriter. The guitar and the banjo add to the musical flavour of the songs. The album’s vibe is 70s Folk, especially the works of George Harrison and The Mamas & The Papas. There’s also Quebec music similar to Louis-Jean Cormier. There is another example of an incredible parallel to classic tunes, as is the case with Keep It To Yourself, which has a similar rhythm to Dalida’s Bambino. The compositions are impressively intricate with a soothing and flowy rhythm.

Beyries’ voice is soft, bold and husky. At times, she even sounds like she whispersHer vocal style reminds me of Joni Mitchell, Amy Lee and the late Cranberries lead singer Dolores O’Riordan, depending on the song’s vibe. Beyries sang in English and once in French. It’s fantastic to hear artists perform in two languages or more, as was the case with Beyries. 

The lyrics are romantic and poeticThe storytelling detail gives this album character and a lovely depth – it is deep in thought and emotions, full of heart and soul. The words are flowy with fantastic freestyle writing. There’s a song in French entitled Nous Sommes (We Are) that is remarkable to hear. Here are some examples of subject matter that is sensitive but need coverage. Beyries covers dark subjects, such as rape, delicately in the piece The Story of Eva. It is relevant and relatable, especially with the Me Too movement. She also refers to the current news of US politics with her song Graceless. Some can especially relate because of the recent election. She talks about other difficult topics like death, which is noticeable in What We Have, about a girl who lost her significant other to cancer. The range of subjects is incredible – not limited to songs about love and break-ups. The album is dynamic and rich in language and understanding of the current world. 

My favourite songs are What We HaveGreat Green EyesKeep It To Yourself and Nous Sommes.

The album Encounter is available.

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