Eric Etheridge’s Latest Album Good With Me

Canadian singer Eric Etheridge has released a new album entitled Good With Me. The themes are love and heartbreak.

The music is Country mixed with R&B or Pop. The ballads are incredible, with a smooth rhythm (i.e. Waves and Sad Songs ). The musicology of romantic songs in this record has a faster beat primarily. The guitar in the background is a pleasure to hear. I draw a parallel to Thomas Rhett’s eponym album released in 2019, including the tunes Dream Girl and Good with Me. The record reminds me of classical Country music, but with a contemporary twist. The compositions are magnificent and have a catchy sound.

 Eric Etheridge’s voice is husky and bold. He sings smoothly and hits each note at the right moment. His vocal style is impressive and dynamic, capturing the various emotions of each song. 

The lyrics are romantic or expressively sad. The songs are relatable and from the heart. The tune Out of My League sounds the most personal, which makes it even more beautiful. The use of freestyle writing is fantastic and flows rhythmically. The love songs are full of joy and cheer, which give hope that true love does exist. The ones about heartbreak have raw emotions and depth in describing the grief from a breakup/separation. The lyrics are well-written and incredibly poetic.

My favourite songs are Dream GirlWaves, Good with Me, and No Good Love

The album Good with Me is available.

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