Carys & Her Latest EP To Anyone Like Me

Canadian singer Carys has released her new EP To Anyone Like Me. The overall themes are love, life, women’s empowerment and heartbreak.

The music is Pop. The sound is catchy with intricate compositions and a wavy beat throughout the EP. There’s a lovely parallel to the tunes of Spice Girls and Ellie Goulding. It gives the EP a 90s/2000s vibe. The songs Crush and When a Girl have compositions similar to the works of Evanescence. The tune Princesses Don’t Cry parallels Dua Lipa’s Swan Song, but with a slower structure. The song Love (Validation) is an impressive piece because the fast and slow mix is nice and even. The music is fantastic in this EP.

Carys’ voice is smooth yet edgy. She sings expressively with thought and passion. She captures a variety of emotions precisely and in style. Her vocal style reminds me of a lovely combination of Ellie Goulding and Sia.

The lyrics are dynamic and well-written. There’s empowerment in each of the six songs in different ways. When a Girl is about women empowerment, which favours being true to who we are and ignoring unrealistic beauty expectations. The tune, Princesses Don’t Cry, is a metaphor for how princesses are just pretty or beautiful but can also be strong and confident. The EP has both a modern and a nostalgic feel to it.  No More, a song about breaking up is full of genuine and raw emotions, along with the courage to end a failing relationship. Crush is a relatable tune because many of us have had a crush feeling excited and overwhelmed. Maybe I’ll Call You has freestyle writing that complements the sense of mixed emotions and the confusion when it comes to a new love. The song Love (Validation) is a song that listeners can understand because everyone wants to be loved and appreciated while dealing with everyday challenges. The words are from the heart.

Side Note:
The songs Crush & Princess Don’t Cry¬†have some coarse language. Listener Discretion is advised

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