Single Saturdays: Raleigh Keegan – Way Back

American Country singer Raleigh Keegan has released a new single entitled Way Back. It’s a love song about two people who find their “way back” to each other throughout the years and go down memory lane. 

The music is Country music. It’s a lovely ballad with a smooth rhythm and a fantastic composition. The music has a style that parallels the songs of Tim McGraw and Thomas Rhett (i.e. Christmas in the Country). Hearing a guitar in the background is a classic in Country songs. The verses have a slow beat, then increases smoothly in tempo. The transition is impressive with a wavy rhythm that gives the tune a musical flavour.  

Raleigh Keegan’s voice is beautiful and husky, with a romantic feel to it. His vocal style parallels to that of two talented Country artists: Tim McGraw and Jason Aldean. He sings in sync with the tempo of the song.

The lyrics are sweet and romantic, beautifully written. There’s a nostalgic feel to the song, in the beginning, then shifts to the present time. The words are from the heart. The storytelling aspect of the tune and the subject of a lovely are classic traits of Country music. It reminds me of the stories of either childhood or high school sweethearts, which is romantic. The use of similes and symbols is incredible. “The song that burns out” in the summer refers to a Summer hit that people forget when the season is over. It applies to the reference of a Summer fling. The symbolic reference to the clock represents the evolution of the relationship nicely. Raleigh Keegan does a fantastic of describing the relationship in great detail.  

The single Way Back is available.

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