First Single Fridays: Vin Diesel – Feel Like I Do

American actor and singer Vin Diesel has released his first single entitled Feel Like I Do. The story is about a man meeting someone and didn’t expect love at first sight.

The music is Dance with some Pop. The sound is upbeat and rhythmic. This song’s vibe is Summer nostalgia, especially with the Fall temperatures—the drums and the tambourine complement this single. The music has me imagining sitting at a beach on a warm day. The composition is fantastic and well-structured.

Vin Diesel’s voice is husky and bold. He sings with a flowy rhythm, keeping up with the music. He sounds cheerful, optimistic and romantic. 

The lyrics are catchy, romantic and full of positivity. The subject of love at first or love, in general, is timeless. Also, the mixed feelings in regards to this, mentioned in the song, is relatable. The tune describes in simplistic detail sighs of love at first sight, such as the stomach-turning,” the moment where you freeze and feel as though time stood still. The words are well-written with poetic freestyle rhythm and depth. Well done!

The single Feel Like I Do is available.

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