Hotel Garuda’s Latest EP The Tension

Indonesian-American duo has released their latest EP entitled The Tension. The themes are love, heartbreak and life in four songs.

The music is Dance/Electronic. The sound is modern, yet has a nostalgic feel with parallel to the 70s and the 90s. I especially thought of songs by the duo Eiffel 65 (i.e. I’m Blue). The vibe is a mix of fantasy and dream. Rush reminds me of the works by the Finnish DJ Darude, and the sound of Daft Punk’s 2007 hit One More Time. The song Leave You reminds of a classic hit by Queen Now I’m Here but with a beat of the Dance/Electronic sounds– the way the rhythm builds build a little bit at a time. The compositions are well-structured and incredible.

Manila Killa and Candle Weather’s voices are incredible together. They sound smooth and edgy at the same time. Impressive! The duo sings with a wavy rhythm.

The lyrics are poetic and flowy. The simplicity of the words works well with Dance music. The four songs are easy to follow. The titles are also simplistic and easy to remember. The lyrics to the song Rush are similar to Daft Punk’s 2007 hit One More Time in terms of the poetic structure but with a contemporary twist. The use of repetition of the words makes the EP’s tunes easier to remember when dancing to them. Mutual is a remarkable description of the “roller coaster” feeling because of someone who goes back and forth between lovers.  Olivia is a song that is about the seriousness of a relationship described with depth and feeling. Leave You is describes the struggles of a relationship with the determination not to give up romantically. The songs are well-written.

The EP The Tension is available.

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