Half Moon Run’s Latest EP Season of Change

Canadian Rock group Half Moon Run has released a new EP Seasons of Change. The themes are love and dream. 

The music is Alternative/ Indie Folk. There’s one song that’s just music, and it’s entitled You Won’t. The rhythms are smooth that sound like the forest soundscapes heard in various albums or apps- it’s very soothing. The vibe is fantasy and dream-like. The compositions are well-structured, full of tonalities. 

The members’ voices are incredible. Devon Portielje’s singing is soft and vibrant, with a tremendous change of tone. Conner Molander and Dylan Phillips do a fantastic job, singing as back-up singers. 

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. The style of writing reminds me of songs by the Mamas and the Papas. The storytelling aspect of the EP gives an intimate campfire vibe on a crisp Summer night. The songs are full of metaphors that represent life’s many challenges and changes one faces. The tune Seasons of Change is a symbol of the world and people in constant evolvement. The song Monster is a metaphor for negativity and harm against humanity and nature. The emotions are raw and genuine throughout this EP.

My favourite songs are Grow Into Love and Seasons of Change.

The EP Seasons of Change is available.

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