Single Saturdays: Carole Samaha feat DJ Youcef- Bon Voyage

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha with DJ Youcef has a new single entitled Bon Voyage (Have a nice trip). It tells the story of a girl who’s ending the relationship because the guy she loved is melodramatic.

The music is Arabic Pop, part of the World music category. DJ Youcef and Yann Perrier composed the song, with a modern and a catchy beat with an incredible wavy rhythm. The composition reflects the tune’s moods: heartache and resilience.

Carole Samaha’s voice is beautiful and bold. She sings in Arabic and French- she switches between the languages smoothly. She captures the emotions many women feel in a “dead-end” relationship. 

The lyrics are full of emotions (anger, sadness, but also resilience and confidence). Kamala Kher Bik, Carole Samaha and Layone wrote Bon Voyage. The verses are well-structured with the poetic composition AABB, and the bridge and the chorus have fantastic freestyle writing. The words are relatable and understandable. The switch from Arabic to French is impressive. 

The single Bon Voyage is available. 

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