Single Saturdays: My Silent Bravery & Maurico- Boom

American band, My Silent Bravery with Maurico, has released a new single entitled Boom. The song tells the story of guys enjoying life like a party.

The music is a mix of Hip-Hop and Rap. It’s an incredible blend of sounds that has a wavy beat. There’s a great Summer vibe to this song that has me imagining parties with friends enjoying a barbecue (with social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic). The composition is well-structured, combining the various genres of music. Andrew Gallagher of NeHero Music Studio produced the single Boom creating musical flavours: Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, and R&B.   

My Silent Bravery and Maurico sing well together, but separately. The vocal transition of their parts of the song is smooth. 

The lyrics are enthusiastic and enjoyable with a party vibe. The song reminds me of the joy of the Summer season, and at the same time, makes me feel nostalgic for the days when one can party inside (without social distance). The metaphors/similes or symbols in this tune are smart and full of imagination. The first example is the descriptive first verse, which refers to life in high school compared to adulthood. A simile in those opening lines is “Looking like a million-dollar check.” The second verse describes living life to the fullest, including a reference to the bucket list about discovering the world. The chorus has a poetic technique called hyperbole of the music being so loud that anyone on the moon can hear it. The lyrics are intricately well-written.

The single Boom is available.

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