Single Saturdays: Chris Mann Feat. AJ – Backstreet Boys Parody

American singer Chris Mann has released a new parody entitled 6 Feet Back Alright featuring Backstreet Boys member AJ McClean. The song tells the story of the guys asking when life will go back to normal. The parody consists of two hits from the Backstreet Boys I Want It That Way and Backstreet Back (Alright). The song I Want It That Way became parodied into I’m Friends with A.J. and Backstreet Back (Alright) into 6 Feet Back Alright

The music is Pop. The two classic hits from the Backstreet Boys follow the beat of the original compositions. The transition from I’m Friends with A.J. to 6 Feet Back Alright is smooth and well-done. I felt nostalgic listening to these parodies, being a fan of the Backstreet Boys myself. The beat is catchy, just like the original tunes of the group.

Chris Mann and A.J.’s duet was fantastic and incredible. Their voices complemented each other nicely. They sang with humour and genuine fun, especially with the presence of their respective children. 

The lyrics are well-written that provide comic relief during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m Friends with A.J., and 6 Feet Back Alright, both follow the lyrical of the Backstreet Boys’ original songs. Chris Mann and Scott Simons wrote the words to the parodies. The rhyming in both songs is impressive. The tune 6 Feet Back Alright refers to the lockdown situation in the U.S. The lyrics express how many of us look forward to resuming normalcy in life after the pandemic. 

The single Backstreet Boys Parody (I’m Friends with A.J./6 Feet Back Alright) is available.

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