Single Saturdays: Paul Costabile -Everybody Loves Chris Cuomo

American comedian Paul Costabile created a humorous video entitled Everybody Loves Chris Cuomo. The song tells the story of a man whose wife, mother, then eventually his daughter, all love CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo.  

The music is a parody using Pop music. It’s an upbeat and perky sound within a simplistic composition that’s easy to follow. The piano, however, adds a whimsical touch to this song.  

Paul Costabile’s voice is expressive and full of humour. It’s funny to hear him expressing different moods from confused to “annoyed” to then joy and becoming a fan himself. I love the variation in his singing tempos. Well done!

The lyrics are simple yet funny and amusing. The parody represents in a comedic way the sudden increased popularity for Chris Cuomo since his recent battle with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Throughout the song, there’s confusion and jealousy, some would say. However, it ends on a surprise note where Paul Costabile describes developing a “man-crush” on Chris Cuomo, as well as compliment him on his work as a news anchor and journalist. The comic relief on covering the trending topic of Chris Cuomo or the Cuomo brothers gives listeners a nice chuckle. 

The parody is available on Paul Costabile’s social media pages and Youtube.

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