Single Saturdays: Chris Mann – Real Friends Before Co vid

American artist Chris Mann has released a new parody entitled Real Friends Before CO VID. It’s a reference to Garth Brooks’s classic hit Friends in Low Place. The song tells the story of a man who misses socializing and hanging out with friends but cannot do so due to the lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The music is Country, the classic style. The beat inspires listeners to clap along, especially in the chorus. It starts slowly, then increases in tempo. The composition follows the flow of the original song by Garth Brooks. The rhythm is wavy with a nostalgic feel to it, both in terms of reference and missing time with friends. The guitar and the banjo in the background add to the Country music flavour. 

Chris Mann’s voice is fantastic. He captures the old school sound of Country music. I enjoy hearing the exaggeration in his voice that gives comic relief, during the difficult times of a pandemic. He does a good job expressing how many of us feel in lockdown.

The lyrics tell the story about life during quarantine/lockdown where a man is going “stir crazy” from being inside all the time, not seeing friends. Chris Mann uses humour to express the struggles of staying home after many weeks. One can hear the nostalgia of spending time with family and friends in words. The lyrics are descriptive and allow the imagination to work, when not watching the video. The Country/western lingo adds a nice touch to the parody. The song is relatable and genuine. Well done!

The single Real Friends Before CO VID is available. 

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