Soundtrack Saturdays: Frozen 2

In honour of the 92nd Academy Awards, I will review music from movies (either a soundtrack or an individual song) nominated for an Oscar, starting with Frozen 2. There’s the Deluxe for the soundtrack of Frozen 2, which I will review.

The music is a variety of genres, including Pop and Country. The composition is by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Christophe Beck. The last 11 songs of the first record and all 19 on the second are musical scores heard in various parts of the movie or the instrumental version of the songs performed by multiple artists. The musical structure of the soundtrack is incredible. 

The actors and singers’ voices are fantastic. The actors are performing their songs as their characters capture their essence. The musicians also do the movie’s tunes, such as is the case with Kacey Musgraves and Weezer. 

The lyrics reflect the characters’ emotions and thoughts perfectly. I haven’t seen the movie, but the songs give me an impression of the film’s story. There’s a lovely poetic and dynamic feel to them. The songs of the soundtrack complement the movie, from my perception of listening to them. The lyrics are well-written. 

The song nominated for an Academy Award is Into The Unknown.

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