First Album Fridays: Cambree Lovesy – Kiss My Boots

Canadian singer Cambree Lovesy has released her first album entitled Kiss My Boots. The themes are love and heartbreak. 

The music is Country. The guitar in the background gives the album a cozy and intimate feel to it. Songs such as Not That Kinda Girl and KMBG, have an edgy beat full of attitude, representing empowerment. However, some tunes have a slower pace, giving them a sadder tone, as is the case for three examples Temporary Love, The One I Lose, and Christmas Without You. There’s a lovely mix of slow and fast beats throughout the album. 

Cambree Lovesy’s is rich in vocal styles and tempo variety. She sounds assertive and confident, as is the case with  Not That Kinda Girl and KMBG. In her sadder songs, she seems vulnerable but resilient, which is common during the period of a breakup – she sounds relatable.

The lyrics clearly express the emotions of love or heartbreak, depending on the songs. There are fantastic metaphors, especially with the tune Highway, which represents moving on with one’s life as well as empowerment. The words are inspirational because whether one feels love or heartbreak, there’s a silver lining that brings hope. The tune Shotgun is a sweet love song that brought me to cheer. Bright is also another tune that has a joyful toneThe descriptive aspect of each song is well-written. 

My favourite songs are  Shotgun, Not That Kinda Girl, and KMBG.

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