Tenille Arts’s Latest Album Love, Heartbreak & Everything In Between

Tenille Arts, a Canadian singer, has released a new album Love, Heartbreak & Everything In Between. The title describes the overall themes of the record.

The music is Country. The album has a balanced mix of slow and fast-paced songs- the tempo of each tune suits the mood perfectly, either love or heartbreak. When it sounded heavy, the song was a song, as clearly indicated. However, when the sound is lighter, it’s a happier or more romantic tone. The guitar and the piano in the background give the album a lovely combination of musical flavours. 

Tenille Arts’s voice is soft and silvery, but at times there’s an edge to it. She embodies the Country and romantic vibes perfectly. She sings rhythmically.  

The lyrics of the songs reflect either one of these following emotions: Love, Heartbreak & Everything In Between (Life). The stories have a personal feel to them, especially with the song Call You Names. The songs are relatable because they come from the heart, which makes them authentic. There’s a poetic touch to the album that sounds beautiful and romantic. 

My favourite songs are Somebody Like ThatWild LoveRight Guy Wrong TimeCall You Names, and Another Life.

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