2020 Grammys-Editorial

The 2020 Grammys last night were incredible to watch. The opening with Lizzo was epic and full of energy. She was terrific, playing the flute in her performance.

Alicia Keys did a fantastic job hosting music’s biggest event. She gave a beautiful opening speech that included a touching tribute to Kobe Bryant. She also did a lovely musical homage to the late Basketball star with Boys II Men. Her serenade to the audience was inspiring and beautiful. She mentioned inclusivity and realness, as well as refusing negative energy. Throughout the show, Alicia Keys had lovely outfits, especially the silver dress she wore in the beginning. 

    There were a lot of touching and fantastic performances. Here a few of my favourites.  

-Usher gave an epic homage to the late Prince by singing a medley of classics, including When The Doves Cry.

-Camella Cabello gave a moving performance of the song First Man, the story of a daughter who reassures her father that the man she loves treats her well, and she’s happy. The most touching moment was when Camella Cabello stood singing in front of her father, who teared up. It was a lovely father/daughter moment.

-What a joy to have watched Aerosmith perform with Run DMC! One of the classics they sang was Walk This Way. This moment represented the mix of Rock and Rap – a way to break musical barriers. 

-Lil’Nas X sang his famous hit Old Town Road with K-Pop group BTS, 

Nas, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Diplo. It was impressive to hear another blend of genres in one performance.

-The highlight of the night would be Demi Lovato’s debut performance of her latest song, Anyone. It was her first appearance since her overdose in 2018. She sang from the heart.

The Grammys were a pleasure to watch. It was also touching to see the tributes to Kobe Bryant with his jersey incorporated into Lil’Nas X’s and Aerosmith’s performances. It positively was a celebration of musical diversity and inclusivity. Once again, good job to Alicia Keys for hosting the Grammys.

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