Alice Merton’s Latest Album Mint +4

Alice Merton has released a new album entitled Mint + 4, which has four bonus songs are Easy, Keeps Me Awake, PCH and Back to Berlin. The themes are the same as the Mint record that came January 18, 2019. 

The music is Alternative with a twist of Pop and Techno. It’s an incredible mix of genres. The sound of the bonus tracks is magnificent with great compositions. This album’s music is fantastic and adds new musical flavours to the Mint record. 

Alice Merton’s voice is distinct and rich in rhythm. She knows how to sing the emotions with conviction and passion. As I mentioned in another article, her voice parallels to Gwen Stefani and the late Amy Winehouse. 

The lyrics have a well-thought-out and intricate writing. The four bonus tunes  Easy, Keeps Me Awake, PCH, and Back to Berlin have that same passion as the other songs from the original mint album. Back to Berlin is the tune that feels the most personal, making it genuine and authentic. 

The  Mint +4 is now available.

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