Marc Dupré’s Latest Album Rien Ne Se Perd

Canadian and Québecois artist Marc Dupré has a new album out entitled Rien Ne Se Perd (Nothing Gets Lost). The overall themes are love and heartbreak. 

The music is French Pop with a twist of Rock. The composition is smooth and rhythmic. The techno touch to Rien Ne Se Perd is complementary to the overall feeling of the song. There’s a fantastic variety of beats. The love songs have a wavy structure, whereas those that cover heartache or relationship obstacles have a mix of slow and fast rhythms. The sound of the guitar is magnificent. The composition of the album is well-structured with beautiful music.

Marc Dupré’s voice is magnificent and soft. He sings with feeling and style – he sounds romantic and sweet.

The lyrics are full of emotions expressed poetically. The words are full of romance and heart. There may be difficult times in life, but each song has a sense of optimism and hope that everything will be alright in the end. The songs have inspirational lyrics about love and life. I can imagine hearing the love tunes of Marc Dupré’s album.

My favourite songs are Rien Ne Se Perd, Renouer (Renew), Mon Seul Amour (My Only Love), and Entre Tes Bras (In Your Arms).

The album Rien Ne Se Perd is available.

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