Chicago’s Rock Album – Chicago Christmas

American Rock band Chicago has a Christmas album out entitled Chicago Christmas. It has sounds from the1960s that gives the record a nostalgic feel to it. 

The Rock music of Chicago Christmas has a Holiday twist to it with a classic vintage vibe of the 1950s and 60s. The musical sounds are similar to the works Jersey Boys and The Beach Boys. The mix of Rock with R&B is fantastic. The transition between the genres is smooth. I was impressed to hear Christmas songs with Rock and R&B. It is a lovely homage to their Christmas hits from their previous records this time of year. 

The singing of the current members of the Chicago Band is phenomenal. The members sing with sleekness, and they capture the Christmas spirit, as well as the joy, felt during this time year.

The lyrics are full of emotions, from happiness to sadness to a mix of both and more! The songs about love and family are inspirational such as Merry Christmas, I Love You, and All Is Right. Whereas, the sadder ones are relatable and remind us that the Holidays can be a trying time for some, as is the case with the tunes Bring My Baby Back and What The World Needs Now Is Love. There’s an incredible freestyle structure to the lyrics of the songs that is refreshing.

The album  Chicago XXXVII: Chicago Christmas is now available.

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