Amr Diab’s Latest Single Part 1- Tehayarak

Egyptian singer Amr Diab has released another new single Tehayarak (It confuses you) for his upcoming album Ana Gheir. The story is about a guy reassuring his love of his good intentions for a relationship.

The music is Arabic Pop. Mohamed Hamza composed this song with a balanced mix of fast and slow. The slower tempo is during the verses and at the end of the chorus. The speedier beat, on the other hand, is during the chorus and the musical bits before the next verse. The music parallels that of previous works from Amr Diab, such as Aktar WahedAwedouny, and Nour Al-Ain, as well as Saber Al-Rubai’s classic single Barsha.  There’s also a Dabkeh vibe to the fantastic musical composition.

Amr Diab’s voice is incredible and silvery, as always. He sings with rhythm and passion. He knows how to carry a tune without missing a beat.

The lyrics have a lovely simplicity and structure to them but say so much. Mohamed El Kayaty wrote the words to Tehayarak. The verses are four lines, whereas the chorus has three. Two rhyme structures AABB and ABAB are present in this song. There’s a sense of optimism in the lyrics, as well as a sense of hope. The words are well-written in expressing the emotions of love and excitement.

The single Tehayarak is now available.  

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