Amr Diab’s Latest Single Part 2 – Metghayar

Amr Diab’s latest single is entitled Metghayar (You have changed). It’s about a relationship that isn’t working.  

The music of Metghayar is Arabic Pop. Waleed Saad composed this single. The sound of this tune parallels to Amr Diab’s music from the late 80s and early 90s from songs such as Matkhafeesh, Ana Asheq, and Mestaghreb Leh  There’s a stop-effect that is consistent and gives this song an incredible flavour to the beautiful composition. 

Amr Diab plays with the registers of his voice by changing the tone and the tempo. He sings with emotion and authenticity by mixing the new style with the classic Arabic vocal style. 

Ayman Bahgat Amar wrote the lyrics of Methgayar, which describe how people change in a relationship and that it may not always work out. There’s a sense of confusion and frustration, expected during difficult times in a relationship. The lyrics are complex and full of deep meaning. There is a fantastic rhyming in this song that complements it nicely. Well-done!

The single Methgayar is now available. 

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