Single Saturdays: Diana Haddad-Gamalo

Lebanese singer Diana Haddad has a new single out entitled Gamalo (his beauty or his looks). The story of this song is about a girl who’s attracted to guy and becomes more and more fond of him.  

 The music is Arabic Pop. The one who composed it is Madeen. The beat is a balanced mix of slow and fast. It sounds sweet and romantic. The instruments play a crucial role in the tempo, including the guitar and the drums. The music of the song has a natural flow to it. 

Diana Haddad’s voice is deep, with some high notes that she hits well. She sings with joy and excitement as well as timid. She captures a variety of emotions.

The lyrics are simple but quite expressive written by Malak Adel.  The paragraphs have an organized structure to them. There are paragraphs of lines, three of which rhyme together, then the fourth is on its own looking like AAAB. There are others with the AABB structure, a more traditional poetic style. There’s a repetition of the verses that emphasize the themes of attraction and love.  

The single Gamalo is now available.

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