Marie-Mai – Inoxyable: 15th Anniversary.

September 28, 2019, marks the 15th Anniversary of Marie-Mai’s first album Inoxydable. It covers themes like sadness, anger, heartbreak and anxiety as well as a silver lining, a sense of hope through difficult times. The record reflected the then-teenager Marie-Mai. 

The music is French Pop mixed with Rock and possibly some grunge. The sound of each song reflects a specific mood, especially at the end of Marie-Mai’s teenage years.

Marie-Mai’s voice is edgy and full of attitude, but she also sounds soft and shows genuine concern. When Marie-Mai sings Encore Une Nuit is an example of how she expresses compassion for children, who suffer abuse. Entre Mes Mains (In my hands) is a song that she vocalizes with optimism.

The lyrics of the songs are expressive and genuine, capturing the universal emotions of teenagers. Marie-Mai and Fred St-Gelais wrote the words of these incredible tunes. Seule à Montreal (Alone in Montreal) is an example of a song that is personal and from the heart.

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