Single Saturdays: Stephanie Owens – Slingshot

American singer Stephanie Owens has released a new single Slingshot. The song covers the subject of women’s empowerment through obstacles.  

The music is Country – New. The instrument with a significant presence in the song is the guitar. The sound is upbeat and exciting that it brings joy and happiness. It starts slow and subtle in the background, then the tempo of the music goes up slowly leading up to the faster beat. The composition of Slingshot complements the lyrics magnificently.

Stephanie Owens’ voice is full of passion, enthusiasm, and determination. Her singing is genuine. She sounds inspirational when she sings these incredible lyrics.

The lyrics are full of hope and inspiration, especially to girls and women. Stephanie Owens, Melissa Sheridan, and Evan Cline wrote the words to Slingshot. The lyrics are well-written with intelligent use of repetitions, metaphors, and references. The line in the chorus “Gonna bounce back – I’m a slingshot” is an example of a repeated sentence. She also recites the three sentences, “I’m a rock you cannot roll. I’m a fire you can’t control. I’m a soul that can’t be broke” twice. She refers to Goliath in the song, which is a symbol of strength and courage of fighting negativity, something big and scary. The title Slingshot is the best metaphor of the song because it shows how one can fight back any adversity. The words are rich with empowerment and inspiration.

The single Slingshot is now available. 

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