Single Saturdays: Amr Diab – Youm Talat

Egyptian pop star Amr Diab has released a new single entitled Youm Talat (Day Number Three). It’s a love song focusing on an ideal relationship. Osama Elhendy was in charge of mixing and digital mastering.

The music is Arabic Pop, mixed with Tarab (Classic Arabic Music). Aziz El Shafei composed this great song, and he did a fantastic job. The tune has a Bellydance vibe to it. The composition of this tune reminds of Amr Diab’s music from the late 90s and early 2000s with songs like Ella Heya (No one except her), Yedoq El Bab, Amarain (two moons), etc. The instruments heard in this single are the lute, darbakeh (middle Eastern Drum). 

Amr Diab’s voice is bold and rhythmic, with a romantic touch. He knows how to sing about love with sweetness and grace. He has evolved vocally, as I have mentioned in other articles about Amr Diab.

The lyrics are romantic and simplistic. Tamer Hussein wrote the words of Youm Talat with the excellent use of repetition to emphasize the emotion of love. The rhyme style varies between AABB and ABAB with an incredible lyrical structure and amazing freestyle poetry. The words are catchy. He has lovely metaphors such as hair describe like silk and flying (a reference to birds). The richness of the lyrics is well-done. I needed to pay close attention to the meaning of the song. 

The single Youm Talat is now available. 

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