Jade Jackson’s Second Album Wilderness

American singer Jade Jackson has released a new album entitled Wilderness. The overall themes of this record are the up & downs of life, love, and getting to know oneself.

The genre of this album is Country music. There’s a 90s feel to this record that reminds me of Sheryl Crow’s music. The overall sound of the album is mellow, but some songs have faster beat. The instruments heard are the guitar and drums. The sound and the composition of the record are awe-inspiring.

Jade Jackson’s voice is soft, yet edgy with style. She sings with fantastic rhythm and captures the emotions felt in each song. Her vocal style reminds of Country singers such as Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morrisette, and Faith Hill.

The lyrics of the songs are genuine with a personal touch and quality to them. The emotions felt in the words of the tunes range from confusion to incredible wonder. The songs are soulful and poetic with a sense of contemplation. The idea of getting to know ourselves is something to which one can relate. The same goes for the ups & downs of life, as well as love.

My favourite songs are City Lights, Multiple Choice, Long Way Home, and Wilderness.

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