Soundtrack Saturdays: Aladdin – A Whole New Sound

The movie Aladdin is official out in theatres, and so is the soundtrack! I’m very excited because I remember the1992 Disney Movie from my childhood. The songs on this soundtrack brought back memories. I will focus on the album for now. As soon as I see Aladdin, I will write an editorial about hearing the songs in the context of the movie – a different dynamic.

The soundtrack has a music combination of the original music from the 1992 Disney Movie and a contemporary beat to it. If you recognize the music and the score, that’s because it’s the same music that Alan Menken composed for the cartoon version of Aladdin. The contemporary components of some of the songs are the musical beats of rap and pop. The composition of the soundtrack has an incredible musical structure. Combined with the fantastic voices of the cast and singers (not in the movie) – becomes quality music right there! The rest of the songs after the full version of the tune Speechless are the magnificent compositions by Alan Menken. The title of each musical song suits the music perfectly.
I look forward to hearing when I go to see the movies in theatres.

The actors’ voices are beautiful and have a great rhythm to them. Will Smith brings Rap-style singing into the mix, which gives it a contemporary flavour. I enjoyed hearing Will Smith singing Rap- it had been a while. I even felt nostalgic- remembering his classic hits. He knows how to hit each note at a precise moment, as always. He added a contemporary flavour to the songs including Prince Ali and Friend Like Me.
Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott sing a beautiful duet of A Whole New World. Zayn Malik and Zhavia Ward also sing beautifully together in the single version of this classic.
Mena Massoud has an incredible rhythmic voice. He sings in tune with the music as well as with the others who are singing in the background. He has a distinct voice.
Naomi Scott’s voice is beautiful. She’s a British singer and actress. Her performance of the song Speechless is epic. Naomi Scott captures the emotions of strength and courage magnificently that Jasmine feels.
There’s another of A Friend Like Me – Will Smith singing with DJ Khaled. Their performance together has a unique dynamic to it.
The musical performances of everyone singing are epic. I enjoyed it very much.

There is one new song (Speechless) as well as three rewritten versions of classics (Prince Ali and Friend Like Me). The poetry of the Speechless is incredible. The words are inspirational, especially to young girls out there who want to discover the world. The new words to the tune Prince Ali, (performed by Will Smith) including the phrase “Friday Salam” give it a contemporary quality. The same goes for the song Friend Like Me as well as the use of repetition. The lyrics of the original hits from the first movie are memorable. I felt nostalgic hearing those songs but performed by other actors.

The soundtrack for Aladdin is available. Enjoy the music and the movie!

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  1. I absolutely loved Speechless! I’ve been listening to it on repeat nonstop! I’m so glad that Princess Jasmine finally got a song for herself and like you said, it’s incredibly inspirational for young girls.

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