Sarahmée Irréversible A Dynamic Rap Album

Canadian and Québecoise singer Sarahmée has released a new album entitled Irréversible (Irreversible). The overall themes are social issues and personal growth.

The music has Rap music primarily, with some parts that remind me of Reggae. Many of her songs have a popular dance feel to it. I parallel many of her tunes to those of Belgian singer Stromae. Many songs start slow then increase in tempo as they continue. The change of beat is smooth and without any sudden stops. Peligrosa is an example of a slow rhythm.

Sarahmée’s voice is bold with an edgy attitude while other times, she has a soft sound. She plays the tonalities of her tone. She doesn’t limit herself; it’s an out of the box vocal style.

The lyrics of each have their unique meaning and personal feel to them. Sarahmée combines French with African languages, Spanish, and even Arabic. Each tune tells its own story. Some talk about social issues such as identity and current affairs. The song Le Cercle se rétrécit ( the circle is getting smaller) is about how the world is getting smaller while social problems such as inequality continue. Le Malin (The Mean One) is about friendships and betrayal. She describes how true friends are limited as well as how people we thought we could trust hurt us. The lyrics have an authenticity to them because they’re from the heart.

My favourite songs are Freedom, Alléjuia, Fuego (feat Souldia), and Peligrosa.

The album Irréversible is now available. Enjoy!

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