Singles Saturdays: Marcio Novelli -For Chelsea

Canadian singer Marcio Novelli has a new single out entitled For Chelsea. It’s a love song that is about a man telling the woman he loves that he will honour her. It’s a song that’s ideal for the wedding season.

The music is slow with a smooth rhythm. The sounds of the guitar and the piano is harmonious and complimentary. It reminds me of what I would here at a here because of the slow music. It’s romantic and sweet. Some parts of the song, have me thinking of Green Day’s music.

Marcio Novelli’s voice is beautiful and is sync with the music. His vocal is similar to Green Day’s lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong. His voice doesn’t go too high or too low; it’s at an incredible in-between tempo.

The lyrics are rich romantic of description love. A man honours the woman he loves by telling that if she falls, he’ll catch her, for example. He makes impressive of use of poetic techniques. Marcio Novelli uses personification to descriptions his feelings. An example is “Your Eyes Say More Than Words Ever Could,” which is profound and significant. A second example is the following sentence “Your Smile Takes Away All of My Fears.” It shows that he feels safe and reassured by the presence of his significant other. Another poetic technique that Marcio Novellio uses is hyperbole. In the song, he mentions holding her heart in his hand. It has a significant meaning, which is that a relationship is fragile and delicate, like a heart. It also shows that he will pay attention to her feelings and wishes. The words of the song are full of romance and love.

The song For Chelsea is available everywhere. Enjoy!

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