Single Saturdays: Nassif Zeytoun – Ma Bzon

Syrian singer Nassif Zeytoun has released his latest single Ma Bzon (It’s Unlikely), April 4, 2019. It’s about a man who lost the love of his life and is now with someone else. However, he encourages her to stay with her new partner.

The music is slow and heavy giving it an effect of heaviness and sadness. There are moments where there were brief pauses that reminds me that someone was breathing heavily. That’s how many of us feel after a breakup.
Salim Salameh composed this song with quality music and incredible rhythm. Omar Sabbagh did a fantastic job arranging the entire song together.

In Nassif Zeytoun’s voice goes high pitch then it goes low, almost whisper-like throughout the song. One can sense the sadness in his vocal rhythm. He captures the emotion perfectly.

In the lyrics, the words have a dark feel to them. However, there are parts of the song where it sounds noble when he tells the girl to stay with her new love, even if it hurts him. The rhyme structure is ABBA, except for the chorus. Amer Lawand wrote the lyrics of the tune Ma Bzon.

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