Single Saturdays: Carole Samaha – Al Moutallaka

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha has new single Al-Moutallaka (The divorcee). It’s an emotional story about a woman and her post-divorce struggle.

The presence of the music is subtle at the beginning of the song because Carole Samaha describes the aftermath of a woman following her divorce. Then it becomes more present, in the second half of the tune. It’s similar to “Ne Me Quitte Pas” (Don’t Leave Me) by the late Jacques Brel. The music has a substantial feel to it because it gives the vibe of sadness of a marriage that ended and its impact on the woman in this song.

Carole Samaha sings with passion and raw emotion. She talks in a monologue fashion at first before she goes into singing. It is impressive how Carole Samaha plays with the register of her voice. She starts low then she gets intense with her sound, demonstrating how she feels in the difficult times following a divorce.

Ali Mawla wrote the beautiful poetry of this song. The words have a profound meaning to them. We may have heard songs about breakups after a failed relationship but rarely the subject of divorce. It demonstrates the challenges that women may face after a separation or divorce. One can feel the pain felt in this challenging time.

The song Al Moutallak by Carole Samaha is available.

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