Single Saturdays: Sentiment Falls – Six Feet Under

Swedish duo Sentiment Falls has recently released a single entitled “Six Feet Under.” The story about a couple whose relationship didn’t work and they’re trying to process it.

The musical genre of the song Six Feet Under is Country. The rhythm is slow and steady. It reflects the subject and the mood of the tune nicely, which is that of heartache. I love the music of the guitar, the classic choice for an instrument heard in any Country song. The composition of Six Feet Under is well-done.
The voices of Andrea Bond and Ronnie Wilde compliment each other beautifully and sing in perfect harmony. They have incredible depth and richness in their sound.

The lyrics have a symbolic meaning to them. The title “Six Feet Under” is an excellent example of that. Andrea Bond and Ronnie Wilde sing about feeling like they’re “Six Feet Under”, which means in this context that they’re overwhelmed with a ton of emotions coming at them all at once. The subject of heartache is a topic to which people can relate. They capture the sentiment perfectly in this song.

The single “Six Feet Under” is available. Enjoy!

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