Single Saturdays: Ty Hannah – You and I

Ameican singer Ty Hannah has a new single entitled You & I. It’s a romantic song about a man proving the woman he loves that he sincerely cares about her. I heard that this tune could potentially be the song played at weddings. It would be a lovely choice for such a joyous occasion.

The music has a mix of soul and R&B that reminds of the music I listened to in the 90s- I thought of Boys II Men and All For One. The song “You & I” has a smooth rhythm that’s romantic and sweet. There’s a nice blend of the piano, the drums, and the guitar that add a beautiful touch to the song. It’s harmonious with an incredible melody.

Ty Hannah’s voice is soft, sweet and soulful. It’s also bold and graceful. He knows how to follow the musical beat. Ty Hannah’s voice is in tune with the rhythm of the song.

The lyrics of this song are genuine and beautiful. Ty Hannah wrote the tune, in which you can feel love and romance. The raw emotion that shines through. In this song, the guy tells the woman he loves that he’s understanding by allowing her to decide for herself, without pressure. The words describe what a healthy relationship should be. This song has a sense of hope that love is possible. One needs to have faith and not give up. He makes of the classic poetic technique of repetition to emphasize the love he feels. For example in the chorus, he sings You & I then a sentence more than once.

The song “You & I” is available everywhere. Enjoy!

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