Jonny Zye’s Second Album Back To Bliss

American Pop singer Jonny Zye has released his second album entitled Back to Bliss. There are two themes on this record: love and heartbreak. It’s about having faith that everything will work out, even in difficult times.

The music is a lovely combination of pop and soul. Jonny Zye primarily plays the guitar, in the album. The rhythm in a lot of the songs is a mix of slow and fast. The quality of the sound is incredible. There’s a summer feel to the album, especially since having quite a few of Jonny Zye’s singles in the Summertime. The Californian vibe has its presence in this record. It gives the inspiration to someday travel to California.

Jonny Zye’s voice, as mentioned before is in sync with the music. His voice has soul and emotion with a bold style to it, making it distinct and unique. Jonny Zye has the confidence to take his voice to the next level. He has gained experience, and it shows in this album. He sounds like a singer who’s been performing for many many years. He continues to impress me.

The lyrics have a simplicity to them, but their meaning is clear. Jonny Zye makes use of symbols and metaphors to describe the feeling of love or heartbreak, depending on the song. He uses repetition, at times, as a way to emphasize the emotion. It sounds like modern poetry. It’s always a joy to hear Jonny Zye’s fantastic music and lyrics.

Jonny Zye’s second album is now available. Enjoy!


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