Single Saturdays: Maxime Malevé – Flames

Belgian singer Maxime Malevé has released a new single entitled Flames. The song is about a love story that didn’t work out and its aftermath. It’s a tune filled with emotions.

Alternative music in this song is slow and soothing. It has a nice subtly to it — impressive work by Belgian composer Adrien Sepulchre. The guitar played in this song is incredible.
Maxime Malevé knows how to change register in the song. He sings softly then goes to a higher pitch in a smooth transition.

Maxime Malevé wrote the lyrics for Flames. He uses the poetic technique of repetition and metaphors to describe the end of a love. Maxime Malevé repeats the sentences “let it burn” and “what’s done can’t be undone.” Those phrases emphasize how the relationship he couldn’t save the relationship he had, despite his efforts. An example of metaphors is when he describes the aftermath of the breakup as “ashes.” The “ashes” mentioned in the song are symbolic.

The song Flames is now available. Enjoy!

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