Single Saturdays: Nancy Ajram-Badna Nwalee El Jaw

Nancy Ajram has released a new single entitled “Badna Nwalee El Jaw” (We want to create a pleasant atmosphere)*. The song is about celebrating a joyful event such as a wedding or a party in general. I can imagine bellydancers in some of those events.

The music has a mix of traditional Arabic music (folk-style music) and pop music. It makes one want to get up and dance. The style of the song reminds of the music of the late Sabah and Ragheb Alama, especially in the 70s and 80s, for both artists. There’s a nostalgic feel to it.

Nancy Ajram’s voice reminds me of two amazing singers Sabah and Asmahan, a mix of both. It has an old-fashioned style to her singing style in this song. Her voice compliments the music quite nicely. The way she sings is new and refreshing and just as incredible as her other songs.

The lyrics are full of joy and optimism. When I hear the words of this song, I think about classic Arabic songs from Abdel Halim Hafez to Ragheb Alama.

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