Single Saturdays: Moustafa Amar – Yekhreb Aqlak Bahebak

Egyptian singer Moustafa Amar has released a new single entitled “Yekhreb Aqlak Bahebak” (Overwhelming Your Mind with Love)*. The song is about a new relationship and the excitement that’s associated with this feeling.

The music is subtle in the beginning then becomes more present after the first verse. It’s a mix of Arabic music with Modern pop. Some parts have a dance feel to it. The dance part starts when Moustafa Amar sings the chorus the first time around.
Moustafa Amar’s voice is high-pitch but in a controlled manner. The rhythm of his voice is consistent and in sync with the music of the song. It goes deep when he sings the lyrics before the chorus. His voice is distinct and unforgettable.

The lyrics are simple, yet catchy. The verses are more detailed than the chorus. The words of the song rhyme in a smooth fashion. It is a romantic tune, regardless of the simplicity of the lyrics. The words focus on love at first sight. There aren’t any metaphors or similes, but it doesn’t take away the essence of the song.

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