Single Saturdays: Jonny Zywiciel “Make You Shine”

Jonny Zywiciel’s latest single “Make You Shine” is a song that compliments the lovely Summer season. It’s romantic and sweet.

The tune is about a guy trying to cheer up his significant other, bringing up her confidence. He sounds deep in love and happy. He’s doing what he can to prove that his love is genuine and the person he loves is incredible.

The music is impressive as always. The presence of the guitar is a trademark for Jonny Zywiciel. I love the beat, which has a Summer feel to it. It’s also impressive how he experiments his voice. It blends into the background smoothly and seamlessly. He’s bold and creative. The song reminds me of another single of his entitled Back to Bliss, especially the chorus. However, the beat of Make You Shine is a bit slower than Back to Bliss. His music is incredible and continues to be impressive.

Check out his out latest single on various music streaming sites. Enjoy!


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