Florence K’s Estrellas- Nice Start to the Summer!

Florence K’s latest album “Estrellas” is an album with a Summer vibe. Throughout the album, she sings in Spanish, French and English, which gives an impressive variety to the record. I heard in an interview that Florence K collaborated with a Canadian singer of Cuban origin Alex Cuba, from Vancouver, B.C.

The music has a smooth rhythm with a distinct tempo. The Spanish songs make me want to dance the Salsa and inspire me to travel to South America someday. Florence K’s voice is soft in the slow songs and powerful in the faster tunes.

Since I don’t speak Spanish, I can’t fully understand some of the songs. However, with some words that sound similar to French or English. For example, Morena is a song that talks about heartbreak. The chorus is in English, which helped me understand the song better. The French version of Estrellas and Seguire gave me a better idea of what the songs meant.

My favourite songs are Des Etoiles ( French version of Estrellas), Je Rentre A La Maison ( French version of Seguire), Tu Busco Spanish, and Seguire in French & Spanish.














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