Single Saturdays: Jonny Zywiciel’sNew Singles Part 2: The Key

Jonny Zywiciel has released another fantastic single entitled The Key. This tune is a love song with a beat that he has not previously done. Since the release of his first album, things are looking good for the young California artist. For the time being, he’s performing mainly in California and Nevada.

The song is about a who falls deeply in love with a girl, and he feels helpless. He asks the girl to consider the idea of a relationship with him. The story is simple but very relatable. One feels mixed emotions about love.

The melody is incredible. The rhythm of his voice is phenomenal. His voice reaches a high note in a well-done manner. I continue to be impressed by his music. The guitar can be heard in this song, which compliments Zywiciel’s voice.

I look forward to hearing more of his music in the future.

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