Claude François: 40th Anniversary of His Passing

Claude François in 1965

March 11, 2018, marks the 40th Anniversary of Claude François ‘ passing.  I’m aware of the controversy surrounding this singer, especially having watched the movie Cloclo, the biopic. However, I would like to focus on his contribution to music.

Many of us are familiar with the song My Way by Frank Sinatra. What may not be known by many is that it was a remake of the song Comme D’Habitude by Claude François. Comme D’Habitude was an original of the late singer. Michel Sardou performed a remake that became famous. He also contributed to French music with remakes of hit songs in English song like Oh What a Night by the Four Seasons (Cette Année-La) & Massachusetts by the BeeGees (La plus belle chose du monde). The remake that I discovered recently was the song Je Vais À Rio, which was a remake of Peter Allen’s I Go To Rio. However, I know the remake performed by Wilfred LeBouthillier, Jean-Marc Couture & Bryan Audet for the 2014 World Cup in Rio De Janeiro. He did have original music, but he was mainly known for the French covers of English songs.

I learned about his life through the biopic Cloclo. Perceptions can vary in regards to him as a person. However, his music contributed to French music as well as American music.

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