Single Saturdays: Silverdrive 35’s Latest Single- Drunk On You

Silverdrive 35’s latest single Drunk on You is another fantastic hit for the Swedish group. Their music keeps getting better and better.

Drunk on You is a song that expresses how many of us feel when we find out news about an old flame. It tells the story of a guy who finds a picture of a past love online. He becomes curious she’s been up to since they last saw each other. He then has flashbacks of their time together, which has him wondering if he’d lost a chance at true love. He’s at a bar when he remembers his past love. The man could be drunk, or he’s drunk on the nostalgia.

The musical composition has a fantastic rhythm. Eli Stream’s powerful voice is unforgettable. The music of the guitar is lovely.
The Country music has its presence in this song, just like their previous singles.

I look forward to their first album. Silverdrive 35 has potential as a group. I hope to see someday them winning a Grammy. I wish them luck in their musical career.

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