Robby Johnson’s Latest Album: Trouble-An Incredible EP!

Canadian Country singer Robby Johnson has released an EP entitled Trouble. It is Country music at its best. It’s album of stories that people will enjoy. The Trouble is a lovely continuation of his album Don’t Look Back.

There are four songs in this album: What Matters Most, Big Time, Hot Legs, and Quiet Night in Austin. These four songs tell exciting stories.

The song What Matters Most is about putting things in perspective and realising what’s important in life. Little frustrations of the day should remain small and not ruin the rest of our day. Seeing loved ones always brings joy to one’s heart and makes us forget all our troubles.

Big Time is a tune that tells the tale of a man who got one night and can’t remember anything. The details are sketchy for the guy
in the story. It might be relatable for some.

Hot Legs tell the story a guy who sees an attractive woman in a bar whose legs he notices. It seems to be a physical attraction. He hopes that a relationship will come of it.

The song “Quiet Night in Austin” is a live performance. It’s about how a night in Austin was quiet until a woman the man in the song finds attractive passes through town. The lady is a woman from out of town, which is my guess. I found it funny and entertaining.

The title “Trouble” is appropriate for this album, because of the stories these songs tell. Robby Johnson captures in his lyrics what some people may not be able to describe when they go or went on these adventures.

My favourite song is What Matters Most.

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