30 years since Dalida’s Passing

It’s been 30 years since Dalida passed away. She left behind an incredible legacy and music. Dalida sang in many languages including French and Arabic.  She had a powerful voice that can’t be forgotten.  Her best hits include Helwa Ya Baladi (My Beautiful Country), Gigi L’Amoroso, Il venait d’avoir18 ans (He just turned 18).


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I heard about her music when I was about 10 years old, when we bought her best hits CD that had her main hits in French. I became fascinated with her music. In recent years, I learned about her personal life that she faced tragedies in her life. Unfortunately, she passed away at a young age.

Dalida was born in Egypt, but she was of Italian origin. She lived in Egypt until 1954, when she moved to Paris. She achieved success in France and all over Europe in the 1950s. Dalida was an actress. She had quite a few interesting films, including the movie The Sixth Day. However, she was more famous as a singer than an actress. Dalida had remakes and covers of songs by other artists including Pour te Dire Je t’aime (To tell you that I love you) which is a French version of the song  I just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder. Her music had so many musical styles and rhythms. She knew how to sing, dance, and entertain the crowd. From the many videos I’d seen, it looked like people had a wonderful watching her perform. She sang with so many famous artist such as Julio Iglesias, Claude François, and Johnny Hallyday.
As mentioned before, it’s so sad that she died so young.


My favourite songs are Salma ya Salama, Ahsan Nas, Gigi L’Amoroso, Laissez-moi danser.

Rest in peace Dalida.


Dalida Salma ya Salama (French version)


Dalida- Parole, Parole featuring Alain Delon


Salama ya Salama (Arabic version)

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