Jonny Zywiciel “Time to Heal”-A Heartfelt Song

Jonny Zywiciel has released another incredible single! His latest single is called “Time to Heal”. This song is deep and well-written. It’s from the heart. Jonny Zywiciel wrote this song to honour those facing drug addiction or have gone to rehab and are on the road to recovery. This is a song that gives a sense of hope to listeners through a tough time in life. This is is the first single that is not a love song. There’s a feeling of comfort and reassurance no matter what life throws at us. It’s a journey of overcoming obstacles.  Time heals all wounds. It’s cliche but true. His songs always have a sense of hope and simplicity to them.  Addiction is a problem that needs be addressed. I think this song will definitely encourage those who need help, to seek it. It’s certainly thought-provoking. People facing addiction are humans too!

The music of the guitar is epic and very present. His use of this instrument is his trademark. The guitar compliments his voice; it doesn’t take away from it. His voice is smooth and versatile. Every single Jonny Zywiciel releases is incredible. Each song the beat is different and unique.  You feel the sense of passion in his voice. The song ends on a whisper, which gives the impression that he is reassuring the person that everything will be okay in the end.

Please download this song on iTunes; proceeds go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

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